Langment Cement is our own product that we’re offering to the public. This is a Federal White Portland Cement and it’s great for masonry. The color of white cement is determined by its raw materials and the manufacturing process. Metal oxides, primarily iron and manganese, influence the whiteness and undertone of the material. Federal White Cement is a Portland cement manufactured with select raw materials to insure negligible amounts of iron and manganese oxides which are the chief contributors of grey cement color.

Basic Uses

Federal White Cement can be used for all types of architectural or structural concrete construction where a whiter or brighter color may be needed for aesthetic or safety reasons.




Highway median barriers

Tile grout

Masonry units

Swimming pools

Colored masonry products


Cement paints and coatings

Roofing tiles

Tilt-up panel systems.

Terrazzo floors

Architectural precast panels/system

For Inquiries

If you wish to purchase our cement, feel free to reach out to us for an estimate.